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I was a terrible male nail biter for 20 years. I know I damaged my nail bed. The good news is I finally stopped. I've tried numerous products to stop my nails from splitting and peeling and nothing seemed to work. Finally I found Barielle 7 in 1 nail treatment and that stopped the problem until I cut my nails, then it starts again. I was cutting my nails short, like 1/32 of an inch. If I let the nails grow out to 1/4 of an inch or so the splitting and peeling grows out and the problem stops.

Maybe it's just a matter of time, or maybe there is nothing else I can try or do. Any advice woud be appreciated. I've included a couple of pictures showing the length I need to keep my nails at and a picture of the splitting/peeling growing out.

Thanks in advancenail1.jpgnail2.jpg
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They are super dry which is why they are splitting and peeling. I've never used the product you mentioned but most hardeners will ultimately dry the nail. You need a good quality cuticle oil which also needs applying under the free edge of the nail. I recommend Solar Oil, it needs to be purchased from a reputable nail salon not from ebay as its often fake from there.
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Thanks Trinity, that makes a lot of sense and it's kind of what I thought. That why I tried the Barielle 7 in 1 nail treatment since it says, "Barielle 7-in-1 Elixir Nail Treatment is excellent for moisturizing, nourishing and restoring the nail bed." but obviously they aren't getting quite enough moisture. I'll try that solar oil next.

The reason I posted in here is because I have a couple nail salons by my house that I was planning on going to for advice, but they are temporarily closed for now due to that virus going around. Sad, but true, nobody know how long it will take to get that virus under control. For now I'll just keep using the Barielle treatment, it is stopping the peeling for now, even though I have to hold a pencil different due to the nails.

I know what you're saying about ebay, I've ran into fake stuff from there myself and haven't used it again since then.

Thanks again!

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To add to that, if they split don’t keep growing them, accept your limits and file them down and enjoy them healthier at a shorter length. You file them regularly so that if a split appears it can be filed away without much length missing.

I do find this sort of thing is usually down to the damage from biting rather than a deficiency as it’s trauma.

All that said, right now in the present situation Id be getting those nails down as short as they go to keep them clean and keeping your diet as varied as you can provide for yourself right now as if not trauma it’s can be a showing of what’s going on inside the body. Dark chocolate has iron ;)


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Thanks House Beauty. I appreciate the advise. Nail biting is a stupid and disgusting habit and i can't believe I did it as long as I did it. I did a lot of damage to my nail bed

Every time I have eliminated the peeling over the last year and cut the nails real short (.07mm) the peeling starts again. My nail bed goes almost to the end of my finger and having the peeling start to go over the nail bed kind of scares me. At this point I just feel safer letting the peeling grow out under the Barielle treatment I have been using.

I appreciate your comment about diet. I know how important that is.

I did find solar cuticle oil online and ordered it and I'm going to try that next.

Thanks again, I appreciate your advice.