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Hi Geekers,

I posted last week under "Business" but no one responded so am hoping reposting here will provide some helpful replies.

I have researched quite a few training establishments for both SPMU and PMU and am no further in narrowing them down than I was when I started.

From the forum I have heard a few names floating around and was wondering if any of you had recently (2019) trained with Tracie Giles, KBPro/HD Brows, Gina SPMU, Debra Robson, Finishing Touches, Annette Power, Adorn or Layla Hinchen. I understand that a lot of people rave about Layla for lashes but has anyone been to her for microblading or machine PMU? I didn't find much feedback about Adorn (mainly questions but no answers). KBPro is highly rated but they've now changed their training and am unsure if this makes any difference on the depth of training. I am definitely looking for training that includes the Level 4 qualification as this is what my Council require.

Would those of you who are trained in SPMU/PMU say that it's better to train with a particular brand or be able to use any machine/pigments once qualified?

From someone with no experience in brows other than drawing on my own, would you recommend studying both simultaneously or doing one first? If the latter, would you say one of them is better to start with than the other - PMU/SPMU? I read somewhere that machine is better to start with than manual but there was no explanation as to why, so it would be good to get different views on this.

Thank you all in advance

Liz x



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I’m not entirely sure I can be of much help as I am newly qualified myself. I decided to go down the route of completing my level 4 in Micropigmentation. I think it is far to easy for people to pay a few hundred pounds and go and do a microblading course. It isn’t really regulated where as I think the SPMU (with digital machine is seen as more specialist where I am as not many people offer it. I think it also puts clients at ease knowing you have a ‘proper’ qualification. I have complete my training now and a kit did come with my course however I am now researching all the best machines and pigments etc. My level 4 included, brows, lips and eyeliner.

Becci x


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Hi Becci,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I'm definitely looking at the level 4. It's a shame the only qualification for machine is the micropigmentation level 4 as I'd rather not train in eyeliner and lips but it seems it's my only option!

Do you mind sharing who you did your training with? How confident are you feeling now you've left training?



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I done the bespoke blading course with finishing touches- mine is level 4 and is a proper qualification! X


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Debra robson training was awful - do not recommend