Spray tan "blobs"

Has anyone seen this before?
Everytime I spray my mum (and only my mum) these Mark's appear.
They are in no way there before. Just slowly appear as her spray tan develops!
Its baffling me!!

House Beauty

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I know they look like freckles but they really arent!
I get them, I always think they look weird and must be a splash but they are always in exactly the same place so I figure they are just pigmentation. Just dark enough that they are not noticeable usually but enough of a difference that they tan differently. Teeny light freckles basically.

If it’s not that it’s where the gun needs a clean.

I have these appear when I have a spray tan. Its the lighter pigmentation in the skin which goes darker with the tanning solution.


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I get them on myself too and I’m very fair and freckly

Samantha Sona

Ethical Beauty - Australia
They are areas of dry skin rather like age spots (no offence to your mum). They look skin-coloured but when you put the tan on they go darker. Ask your mum to have a really good scrub before her tan, particularly these areas, and put a bit of moisturiser on them.