Spray tan change

just had a spray tan and around my wrists it has gone green and red marks have appeared on my arms.im glad it has only happend on me and not any of my clients,does any1 have any thorts to what it could be?

Charlee x


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Spray tan goes green if there are any trace of perfumes on the skin, this can be from hand cream or lots of other items you may have been in contact with,
redness is usually a reaction of some kind, hth

I thort that but i have turned all green now i dont understand, i dont have oily skin however i do sweat alot and with it being quite hot today i thort it might be that, not joking i look like Shrek. but i dont want to wash it off tonight i want to wait until tomorrow because if i get a client that rings and says that they are green i can then advise them on what i done and how it went the next day


some tans go green when they have gone off, i had a problem with fakebake once :sad: i now keep all my solutions in a cool dark cupboard x tmh


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I have also heard that due to th ph level in dove body washes and other products, if you have used this it can cause the green effect hth x