Spray tan doesn't take on 1 particular client. Advice please x


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Oct 5, 2011
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I have been spray tanning this lady for about a year now. I started off using OMG 16% which did develop but the wear was terrible and other clients didn't like it so I switched to Suntana. All my clients love Suntana but this 1 lady always wanted darker so I tried her with the higher %s of LA tan. Both times using this it didn't develop at all. The last 3 times I've used the new After Dark by Suntana. The 1st time it came out lovely on her but the next time and again last night it hasn't developed at all. She is still pure white. Now I know its not the solution or my technique as it comes out lovely on everyone else. I sprayed another lady with the same solution just before and hers is fine.
My client has said that she doesn't use and creams or oils or anything and she follows the correct prep advice. What else couldbe stoppingthe tan developing? Is it possible That she might be imune to DHA? I've noticed that when I spray her the solution seems to sit on her skin more that others. Other people's skinn seems to absorb it more its its always more shiny looking on this lady. That made me think she must have something on her skin but she's says not. Any advice would be most helpful x

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