Spray tan gun


Hi just wondered what everyone thought was the best spray tan gun?

Ime currently using the ts50 hvlp and don't have a problem with the machine, just the gun. Every time I use it it's spitting, it's not consistent when it's spraying so it sprays, then stops, then sprays. I've cleaned it and taken it apart and cleaned it, blasted air through it and water and everything I can think of. I just don't have the time to be cleaning it every single time I need it!



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They discontinued the TS50 last year. sounds like the seals near the trigger have failed. i have repaired 100s of them but we can't get the parts now unfortunately.
Some good news however you can buy a different gun that replaces yours it just pops onto the end of the Hose and saves you buying a whole new machine
heres a link to the TS20 gun on its own. if you buy one of these your problem will be solved TS20 Spray Tan Gun - Nouvatan


This has also happened to me!! Oh no I have just ordered a new gun not sure if it's the same one though 😔 wasn't aware of any probs awe pants!