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Jan 25, 2009
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north west
Guys, I am on the look out for a new spray tan machine . after something reliable and effeicent that i can run several solutions through

I am slightly confused between hvlp etc

Have a look at the HVLP 5008 machine very popular & robust :)
Hi there

im also looking for a spray machine, a lot of people seem to talk about the tantrick minimist. is this one any good? im so confused.

hvlp 5008? who makes this one! am i being thick.

Lucy xx
the minimist is a good little machine. I've had mine three years and I'm mobile and I do training with it as well. The maximist (HV5008) is another good machine bit cheaper than the minimist but alot of my students buy this one and they intend to either work in salons with it or go mobile. Both you can find on the tantrick website if you have a look.
The Minimist machine is a very good machine and if budget is an issue you really cant do any better than the Maximist HV5008 machine

HTH :hug:
anyone know where I can buy a good spray tan machine in Ireland?I want one of good quality that can spray10 people or more a day?
Hi there its got to be the maxi mist hvlp 5008 fab machine. Some great offers about as well on this machine, check out la tanning think they still have special offer on this at the moment

Jo xx
LA Tanning's special offer is £179!

I know where you can get the MaxiMist with all the accessories for £149.... :eek:

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