Spray tan solution question

How do you know if a spray tan solution is really vegan and cruelty free as they claim? How do I check?


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Its really hard but you can check with the vegan society if the products are registered and you can also look at the MSDS sheet which will state if the product has been tested on animals (if it has it is illegal in the UK). To qualify for vegan status not only the product itself but also all ingredients will need to qualify but if you contact your supplier they might be able to help with more details?

Samantha Sona

Ethical Beauty - Australia
Hi Robin, I am the founder of Samantha Sona Ethical Beauty and we are about to release a professional tanning solution which you might be interested in. All of our products (including our tans) are certified as 'Vegan & Cruelty-Free' by PETA. They are also Organic and certified as Palm Oil-Free by the Orangutan Alliance.

Come and take a look at our website: www.samanthasona.com which will tell you about the company and the range of products we currently stock. Also let me know if you want us to send you a free sample of the professional tan once it's launched in a couple of weeks. We are an Australian company, but we ship to the UK.

Any questions, please just ask!

Samantha x


Nouvatan are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

I can send their statement on this if you would like to see it xx


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Radiant Glo are cruelty free and vegan xx