spray tan tent

im looking for a large triangular spray tan tent. can anyone recommend a good one? or a website where i can order one thanks xx



I am a distributor - if you wish to PM me then I can provide further info for you.....:hug:


Hiya - I've been sprayed in a Solglo tent before. Sounds like the type of shape etc you are talking about. A quick Google reveals a few options for purchase. HTH Linds x :)


Sienna-x 's cubicle is great I love mine, definatly a must have for any spray tanner!!!!

You will find that all good spray tan companies will sell pop up tents. Just look in the distributor section of here and you will get a list of spray tan companies. Alternetively do a search on google for uk spray tan companies.

It is better to purchase from a reputable company so at least if you have a problem or something happens further down the line you have the support and back up from who you purchased it from.

Good luck if you have any problems finding one please feel free to pm me.

Tan on


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:lol: try the spray tanning co or on this site they are advertising cubicles for £59.99 bargain.

thanks for the advice everyone x


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hi roxy what does being a distributor for siennax entail, recently started with product love it looking to do more can you advise?