Spray tanning hands dilemma

I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on a little issue one of my clients had recently. We spray hands VERY lightly at the end of a spray tan and 99% of the time all is well.
One client recently made a complaint that her hands were stained. When the therapist left the client her hands were perfectly even, barrier cream was applied, hands were wiped down after the spray, so all was well. The problem occurs in the clients sleep, when tan can transfer from other part of the body (example sleeping with your face in your hand, falling asleep with your hand on your stomach etc...) This is obviously not in the therapist's control, and we try our best to manage clients expectations with after care etc (I always advise clients, that once I leave this is in their control, and they need to be careful with transfer!)
Does anyone have any great advice or tips to offer to prevent this from happening in the future. Or what do most people do to prevent this from happening to their clients?

Hi, most of my clients have the rapid tan so they don't have to sleep in the tan. I have heard of people putting socks on their hands, but I don't know how they would look if they had been sweating in the night. x

There’s nothing you can do. Other than a rapid tan as Shazza1978 recommends.
My tan is never even as I sleep with one foot over the other arch and my hand under my face. If I don’t wear trousers I also get marks where I cross my legs.
I explain why I’m blending their hairline, wiping nails and palms and most say that’s the first time anyone has done that.