Spray tanning help!

Hiya, I am recently qualified in spray tanning and wondered which spray tannins guns are best to buy? Tan truth? Sunless solutions? Also what's the best solutions? Lauren's way? Tan truth? And also how many tans do you get out of 1l etc and so on? Thanks xxx

Hi paige,

Ive been spray tanning for a number of years and from experience I personally think Sienna X is the best it is a brand name which people know and has been used on many celebrities and on tv! (Which is great way to promote to clients) Also they have SO many different solutions they have one now thats called 'tonights the night' (I think) and it develops in 2 hours! It gives a wonderful colour aswell!
There a few threads on here. Is the search function and you will find lots of advice and recommendations. (I love I

I personally love Suntana, ask for some samples from companies and test it for yourself :)
I use crazy angel 😊 x


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I love fake bake darker,and 60 mins. I'd get lots of samples of different tans to try, as we all like different lol.xx:Love:
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I got my crazy angel mobile spray tan machine, 2 solutions and tent for £200 not sure if offers still on but was with professional choice around June this year you should have a look.