Spray tanning small space

Hi! I have a small salon. Few square meters. Everything fits now but I wanted to add spray tanning to my services and I was just wondering if it’s possible to have it in such a small space? The massage bed is taking almost all of the space but if I don’t use it and have clients for tanning I could put the bed in sitting position making more space.
Does the tanning have a lot of fumes that would be too much in such a small space? Or better not?


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Hi, Without a tent or extraction or both you will get overspray in your room, regardless of it's size. Ambermist exclusively supply The Cube Inflatable Tanning Tent that inflates in around 1min 30 secs and goes down in around the same time and is easily packed away. (pop up tents are notoriously difficult to clean and put down).
The overspray in the tent will stick to the sides of the tent and are easily wiped down afterwards, a spray tanning extractor would also be recommended for the room during and after the session. The new light blue tents are in stock and measure 130cm x 130cm x 190cm high, with a clear plastic roof for great light without shadows. Although new there are already a few great reviews on the Ambermist website.