SSW - Is the skin on your scalp.....


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the same as the rest of your skin, ie the face.

Do we get blackheads on our scalps, is greasy hair a cause of spots on the scalp. Or is the skin totally different and why?

Just curious really if anyone knows I would be v interested.:hug:

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As far as i am aware the scalp has a greater number of sebaceous glands and desquamates at a slower rate to that of the skin. Many blocked pores on the face are caused by the constant touching and application of products on the skin, whereas the scalp is often not as abused as the skin. That said, overuse of hairspray etc can give rise to spots/blocked pores, and many men get blackheads around the nape of the neck (not usually identified in women as our hair is usually longer/not shaved etc!)HTHs:)


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