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Klassy Klaws

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As I have been reading the paper and watching the news over the last few weeks it has occurred to me that if I had a very talented child (I do have 3 girls who are talented in their own areas) in the areas of sport, music or acting would I really want to push them to pursue their dreams.

The reason is seeing stars like Whitney and Michael J being ravaged with drugs, young music stars heading to rehab like Dougie Poynter and Sarah Harding.
Actors/actresses like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr, Demi Moore, having so much money that they go completely off the shelf.
Even seeing chefs like Antony Worrall Thompson shoplifting

Then yesterday in sport the egos of two boxers have tainted the sport and instead of it being in the news for positive actions its all about the negative.

So my question to you guys is if you had/have children who are looking to enter into the public would you be happy pushing them or a bit more reluctant?


Klassy Klaws

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Just bumping this up as I would be interested to hear your guys opinion :Love:


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hi, il give my thoughts loads will probably disagree, i have 3 girls 2,3&5 so a long way off yet,i will support them in whatever they decide aslong as its an honest living !lol

but here it comes i dont want them working to live so to speak, alot of ppl these days barley bring in enough money to live off, so i will try my very hardest to make sure they get a great education then the world is there oyster. my oldest has got it in her head she wants to be a doctor so fingers crossed she is still determined in 15yrs..

i would be scared to death if they wanted to do something in the public eye,


I don't currently have any children so my opinion on this will probably change when I do, but I would back my kids if they wanted to be in a profession such as singing, acting etc. I would try to guide them on the right tracks without being a pushy parent, but also I do believe we're all human, we all make mistakes, so I'd (god forbid) my kids got into drug/alcohol trouble I would get them the help thy need.
I think it's all about the way people are raised and their education. NOTE-I am NOTTT questioning these people's upbringings but if children are taught from a young age the rights and wrongs it could help stop!
But I dunno, maybe when I do have my own kids I'll be all No my child will have an office job nothing to do with fame! Haha:)xx

Crystal colleen

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I don't think it matters what up bringing you have some children will do the complete opposite to what you instill into them you can have a child that has a great upbringing excellent parenting rights and wrongs taught to them but they will still drink and do drugs.All you can do is teach them and hope for the best and if poo hits the fan pick up the pieces and get the relevant help.

I think work wise and talents my girl has special needs but is very good with her hands very creative and a bit of a Tom boy so it wouldn't supprise me if she ends up driving a truck or a digger lol but if she is happy I don't care mined you she wants to be a transformer when she's big lol I said don't you want to do nails like mummy she said no I couldn't think of anything worse lol she's only 6.if she wanted to be something that's in the public eye I would support her and guide her as much as I could without smothering her as let's face it they have got to also stand on there own to feet and make some decisions themselves.x


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I work with people who have these addictions. In my experience, they misuse substances as a form of self medication to try and block out emotions they cannot deal with. The majority of the time it,s due to chaotic and abusive childhoods.

These people do not get reported on in the media, unlike celebs though. So it can appear that most celebs battle with addictions.


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I would try to support my children in whatever they do within reason !

I guess MJ had a fairly tough upbringing and was in the spotlight from a young age but Whitney by all accounts seemed to have a decent childhood but they both ended up on the same path one way or another.


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My son played baseball and was a big time athlete in high school and was highly recruited. Scouts hovered around with big offers of pro-contracts and big signing bonuses. Other parents were constantly in our faces talking about how proud we must be of our son because of how much money he was going to make...blah, blah, blah. I found it disturbing.

Going into his senior year of high school, Kellen told me he didn't want to play baseball any more. He had lost the love of the game. I understood entirely and I thought my husband would, too. I was wrong. He took it personally. It was almost as if his identity was tied into our son's potential for a professional baseball career. The arguments were intense but Kellen stood his ground. He gave up baseball and took up golf instead.

When scholarship offers started coming in because he was proved to be an exceptional golfer, that opened up another can of worms. Kellen couldn't catch a break. The local papers called him, "Tampa's Tiger Woods." My husband once again started his campaign for Kellen's professional career. Kellen didn't want one. He played because it was fun. Kellen turned down all the baseball and golf scholarships and just attended college on the Florida prepaid scholarship we had set aside for him. He neither wanted or needed the acolades.

My husband still harbors a little resentment of what Kellen could have been. As for me, I'm proud of my son for standing up for what he felt was right for him. He's now 22, stress-free and happy.