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Hi all.
I'm thinking of getting qualified in nail technician, and wanted to know what the best professional qualification is. Where do I start and what is the qualification required please?
Any advice gratefully received.


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Are you looking to work in a salon or work on a self employed basis?
Are you wanting training in different types of enhancements such as sculptured acrylics, gel etc.?

If you want to be able to apply for salon jobs, ideally, you’ll need to complete your Level 2 Nail Tech (and possibly Level 3) or several shorter courses run by reputable training companies such as those affiliated to one of the main professional brands such as Young Nails, CND, OPI etc. However, many salons won’t give you the time of day if you don’t have your Level 2.

Start by googling level 2 nail courses and your local area. You should find one or two colleges that offer suitable courses.

You will also see lots of independent training companies offering short courses but beware that many of them are a total waste of money and you’ll end up spending more money and time getting properly retrained. If you’re serious about this being your career, invest in yourself by thoroughly researching your training options and don’t scrimp on training. Be wary of online reviews as some of them are fake.

Despite what the adverts might tell you, you cannot become a competent nail tech through online training. It’s something where you need hands on support from a good tutor.

Lots to think about and feel free to pop back and ask more questions.


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Thank you so much.
I'm looking at self employed, concentrating on scultped acrylic but able to do gel just for versatility.
Thats my worry about courses, I want to do the best one I can and I would hope it would be face to face once SD ends. I just dont see how you can train a practical skill virtually. The whole training and qualification thing was so overwhelming, its hard to know which one is the best quality, or even the right one for your career.
Thanks for the tips, I'll be looking into it over the next few months (complete change of career after 20 years is imminent) so I have plenty of time to research it.