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Jun 11, 2012
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hi guys!! after taking 5 years out from work to start and raise a family, I have just enrolled at a beauty academy to do a level 2 nvq in beauty therapy, my idea is to spend the next 2.5 years training in beauty (my youngest child starts school in 2.5 years) but maybe offering mobile treatments as and when i qualify in each treatment (eg spray tanning, nails etc) to help pay for the courses, just wanting any advice on whats the best way to get into the beauty industry, ive thought about offering to work in salons for free to gain experience, as i would like to get a job in a salon once my son starts school but i know most places require experience before they will take you on, any thoughts on this? good/bad idea?
also what courses would be best to take first? im enrolled on the level 2 course, but also want to take other courses along side this eg, spray tanning, sweedish massage, minx nails, eyelash extentions ect....
any advice would be greatly appreciated:) thanks xxx

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