Starting out in a room in a hair salon, what will I need?


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Help! I qualified in May whilst pregnant with my son, I can now do sculpted acrylic nails and gel polish as an extra service. I am currently on maternity leave and have been offered my lucky break. My finance's auntie has asked me to go and work in her salon without charge for the room and with the use of her client list as she understands I am new to the area and haven't yet built up my own clientele...Great!
I have a kit that I have started to build up which is not huge and she has said all I will need to do is have all equipment - This worries me as money is very sparse atm. I haven't been in for a coffee with her yet to discuss going forward and haven't seen the room so not sure if there is a nail station already available and whether she just means supplying all materials such as polish, acrylic, tools, lamp etc.
Would somebody be so kind as to send me a list as though I were setting up an entire room which would offer acrylic nails and gel polish...including the little things e.g. amount of grit files and also a good starting collection of colours to offer, I would be very grateful...Thank you Newbie Nail Tech x

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I'm also interested in this!