Starting out!


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Would love some advice! I completed my nail technician course this weekend but I have no idea where to start when it comes to selecting brands! I’ve been told so many different brands my head is going to explode. Anyone have any knowledge on
Yao Shun to start out with as that was recommended? Also the brands The Edge and Candy Coat?
Also how do I encourage clients to visit me when I have two nail bars in my area? One of them being USA Nails.
What starting out prices would you recommend?
Any other advice would be amazing


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Hi, I’m very new here too but firstly how about the brand you were trained in? I used Halo gel polish on my course which I really liked, good price point for starting out and decent quality. The smaller bottles make it a bit easier (budget wise) to build a range of colours. For acrylics NSI which I’ve found great too!
Sure other people will add lots more- there’s plenty of advice on here, you just need to search! I think starting with what you’ve trained in is a good start though.

Heey! It is so so daunting when just starting out, I stuck with the brand I trained with for a good while till I was confident and then I switched to CJP because I love doing design work, and I've never looked back!! I use Bisou Gel polish (switched very recently) and so far my clients LOVE IT! and so do i, I always use the builder gel to give the polish longer wear. With regards advertising...get yourself a nice little website (I use Wix and spent £80 for the year) and a booking system ( is only £7 per month) and get your business on Google so people can find you...then, I used Vistaprint to get some small flyers and just go out posting in all the surrounding areas as much as you can! Maybe offer a new client offer of your 3rd appointment at a reduced cost (to encourage repeat business) xx

CJP is an amazing acrylic system, and easy to work with.

As for gels, i use candy coat, the gel bottle, and 2am London.

To encourage clients, i use social media for most of it. I post regularly, practice designs and upload, use the right hashtags! I've had a few clients from hash tagging on social media. Also, holding competitions is a really productive way of advertising your business for free, with everyone sharing your post and tagging friends. This really helped me take off. I also made loyalty cards so that their 6th visit was free.

Hope these points help, because they helped me when starting out.