starting up my first salon!

miss amy

i have decided that the time has come, i am fed up of working for a franchise and want to be able to think outside the box and use different products, go on courses by different people instead of ones that my company specifies, i have been thinking of this for a couple of years and have decided the time is now. I have found a property in nottingham city centre and i am going to go for it, bit of advice needed from both salon owners, and clients, when you have your hair done what do you like, what dont you like what are acceptable prices. Thanks geeks
Amy xx:)


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Hello Miss Amy~
So are we talking what we like/dislike in a salon? Or what we like/dislike having our hair done?

Prices are what your area will bear. Call around to other salons within a 5-10 mile radius and get prices. Have a friend , SO call also. That way your hubby/boyfriend can ask for mens services..

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Congrats and good for you :D

From my perspective, the single most important factor in opening your salon is to think of it from the clients perspective in every aspect. Is the location you are looking at high traffic? Does it say 'fantastic hair' even when you drive by and do not catch the name of the place?

What is it like to walk in the front door? Are each of your senses touched? (colours, aroma, warmth, music, etc...).

Look around at what the average is in your area, but do not low ball or try to simply 'match' what everyone else is doing. Often times it is more beneficial to charge above the average in the area as it gives increased market percpetion, however there are countless other factors to look at when opening as well (are you going to have employees? Booth renters?)

Keep us up to date :D

"What is it like to walk in the front door? Are each of your senses touched? (colours, aroma, warmth, music, etc...)."

What a fantastic piece of advice - so true!

Thank you - this piece of information is vital to make you stand out from the crowd! I love it!

PS - Good Luck with the salon lol!