Starting up?


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Hi I’m new to this site and I’m looking for some direction if anyone could help.

I’m currently training In Microblading in Manchester. I am looking for a room to rent in the Manchester area whilst training and then once I’m qualified. I will be fully qualified in a couple of months so in the time being I’m looking for models and only charging a small fee. Would people advise renting a room whilst training? I can’t really do mobile as I don’t drive and while having a young son home isn’t really suitable either. If anyone is renting a room or has been in a similar situation any advice would be really appreciated thanks!

Juliet M

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Hi Gabs, congrats on the course! I'm thinking of doing a microblading one too :) Good luck with it! When I did eyelashes I didn't rent a room but then I was living on my own. I found travelling to people a bit time consuming and annoying (especially while still in the models phase when you're not earning enough per person). Do you have someone who could perhaps look after your son while you're doing treatments there? Or try and bulk book in your models so you have a day or two set aside where your son could be looked after? If not then a room sounds like a good way to go if costs permit. Oh and you most likely already know this but I was told you need to have a room with a sink for microblading. All the best.


Please look at LAB Academy.