Step-by-Step Tiger Eye Tutorial

Tiger Jay

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Jays Tiger Eye Tutorial.
Just a little insight into how the tiger eye was done.
  1. Apply Creative Stickey base coat to the nail, allow to dry thoroughly, and gently buff away surface shine. (This will enable you to sketch your design, as it is not possible to draw on a shiny surface with a pencil). Sketch out the tiger eye so that you are happy with the proportion.
  2. Using black acrylic paint and a fine detail brush (keeping the mix slightly watery) fill in the pupil and outline of the eye.​
  3. Using a mixture of yellow, brown and a small amount of black, fill in the iris of the eye.​
  4. Mix up some brown, a touch of orange, and yellow to fill in the main background. (You will have to play with the colours until you have your satisfactory colour.) Shade slightly darker underneath the eye where the nose would start.​
  5. Using black, (again with a watery mix) fill in the stripes. *Tip - tickle with the brush as apposed to painting with it, as this creates the fur effect.*​
  6. Using white, fill in remaining areas with the same technique that was used with the black for the fur.​
  7. Apply top coat of Creative Super Shiney.​



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Great Tutorial jules, well done ill have to practise a lot to do that, i cant draw at all, but hey give it whirl :) .

jules x


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Thanks for sharing!

Will copy and paste and save to try another day.



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Thanks Jules :hug: . My husbands really good at art so may get him to give me a hand. :)


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Thanks hun, that is a beautiful design


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U are very talented!!! Thx for sharing,xxx


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Really fab, wow your are clever, thanks might have a go but won't look that good, lol!! Keep them tutorials coming!! :)

thank u - ur a gem!:)


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That is soo good! I am well impressed :eek:
Even my husband said WOW!
Thanks for the tutorial, very generous of you.


darling, that is a well worded and illustrated tutorial... love it and can't wait for more.
but tbh i doubt my artistic talents will stretch that far :D

michelle g

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good tutorial very affective might give it a go.

Wow I love it, will keep this for when I am good enough to attempt this.


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Wow .... im not even going to try to attempt that one..... keep em coming .. im saving them all up ....

One day xxxxxxxxx


My this is so beautiful! Clever you! lol!


I tried - not as good as yours mind.

I wish I could draw.


Wow that was fun! Great design. I had to try it straight away :green:

that is amazin!


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this is an awesome look i saw a tutorial on you tube for the same kind of nail you guys make it look so easy. keep up the awesome work:lol: