Sticky wax left on client?

Hi, im new to waxing. Ive tried a couple different types of hard wax, and i always have problems with wax residue being left on the skin. I was wondering what techniques i could use in order to rip off all the wax without little sticky pieces left behind. Any tips and tricks for a new waxer would be great, thanks!!

Once I can visibly see all hairs have gone I just go over with a half used strip just to pick up any little left over bits of wax, also after wax oil is great, they actually do some that dissolve left over wax too.

Practise, practise and don't give youself a hard time.

Sounds like You are using hot wax and so I would try to apply it a little thicker at the edges so that the risk of leaving a little behind is lessened. I use hot wax for mobile lip/brow waxing as it's so easy to take in the car.
However if it's remaining on the skin , just a little oil afterwards as glitzybz says will do the job.
Soft wax will leave wax behind that can be easily removed with the wax strip, so would that be perhaps worth a try if you don't feel happy with your hard wax. I trained with both so I use either depending on the treatment.
Hope you get it sorted , it can be so upsetting and confidence killing , good luck !!