Storage in home salon


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How much storage do you have in your home salon? I'm trying to decide on furniture and as my room isn't very big I don't want it to feel crowded and dominated by furniture.
How much storage would you say is adequate?


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I've had a carpenter build in some cupboards with bi-fold doors and loads of shelving inside. My room is long and thin and the cupboards run the length of the room but I've painted them the same colour as the walls so as not to close the room in. It's fab as everything is out of sight but I can find stuff easily.



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The expedit range from ikea is brilliant as comes in so many different sizes so can suit the space you have. Also flexible as you can add doors and drawers so can hide stuff away and have things on display.


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Thank you both. I'm just getting started out, and I'm struggling to understand how much equipment etc I'll have stored. Very exciting though! Xx

Emily Case

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I use bookshelves from IKEA! They're fab.



I also have the expedit from Ikea, be quick tho as I heard they were going to discontinue the range x

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