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Aug 4, 2020
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LeSalon have just launched that will take the hassle out of managing private clients in your therapist business in 4 ways:
  • Get organised. The calendar will allow you to see all your appointments, add in new appointments and appointments from your website will go in automatically
  • Never be late again. The app will automatically calculate the travel time needed to get between appointments (no back and forth on Google Maps to see if you can fit someone in!)
  • Say goodbye to last minute cancellations. Payment for bookings on the website will be taken automatically, or for Whatsapp bookings you can send your customer a checkout link
  • Accounting made easy. See all your earnings. You can set a target of how much you want to earn and the app will tell you how close to hitting the target you are
Oh yeah, it's also completely free to use.
They are taking waitlist sign ups now (1,000+ therapists waiting so far), but have given special early access to all members of this group!
To get more information and sign up check out their website here: Storefront - The App That Helps Therapists Be Their Own Boss

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