Strip on Afro Caribbean Hollywood


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I have previously written about one of my clients skin tearing on the crease line during a Hollywood (she hadn’t previously and has had several waxes from me prior). Today I did her Hollywood again and this time many of her hairs couldn’t be grabbed by the wax. Im wondering if this could be due to the hairs being particularly tight curls and the wax can’t get round them to grab? So after I’d done as much as I could with the hot wax, I went over areas with the strip wax and it came out better. So now I’m wondering if perhaps the strip wax is better for tightly curled hairs? What’s your views on that? She finds the wax hot even at 57 and because I hold it slightly longer on the spatula to allow it to cool, the wax isn’t so effective. So I’m thinking again, perhaps I should just try it all with strip wax? I’ve never used strip wax all over on the bikini area before, does anyone else use strip wax fir any Hollywood’s or Brazilians?


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I have a quite a few Afro clients and I find in general their hair comes out really well. Are you using a good quality wax at the right temperature? Is the area totally dry? Maybe use some talc? If the crease is tearing maybe you weren’t stretching the skin enough or maybe she is on some medication?


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Do not strip wax on black skin as being black myself please check the direction of hair although curly it still has a direction and follow it. And stretch the skin and perhaps even apply talc powder incase she has moisture. Which wax are you using may I ask?