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Trina Jordan

Apr 25, 2016
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Hi I need some advice I moved into a new salon last year right around when the the time covid19 pandemic happened and then we got shut down for almost 4 months but every since I moved into this shop it's been Very hard to build clientele I am not the owner of the shop however I own my own business so I run my business within the owner's business I promote on social media and also I'm online I have a online website I also promote on my Instagram but still I am having a huge struggle getting people the owner of the salon she has a decent flow of clientele but none of these ladies like to get their nails done they are older group of ladies so they don't like acrylics or gel they don't even get pedicures!! The Owner is extremely nice everyone has been nice to me since I moved in and the owner doesn't charge that much for booth rent but at the same time I'm not making any money! can anyone give me some ideas or advice on how I can promote my business more so I can build clientele? Or should I leave and find another shop? I do like where I'm at but financially I'm hurting! 😞


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Aug 11, 2011
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There are lots of useful ideas in this very long thread so grab a cup of your favourite brew and pen and paper and work you way through it noting down anything that inspires you.

I find that lots of my mature clients are very keen on pampering treatments so it’s unfortunate that you’re stuck with a group of ladies that aren’t so bothered. Have you tried offering them mini hand treatments/massage whilst they’re getting their hair done, so you can chat about your nails business and try to find out why they don’t get their nails done?


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Aug 9, 2021
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Atlanta, GA
I think you should stay. If you want to bring in more clientele, You will have to brand and market yourself. The best way to do that is to find out what problems and pains your clients are having and help them solve them. You will outshine your competitors because everyone else is just doing the regular services. when you have mastered that service and showed proof that you can actually help solve those problems you can charge way more for your service. Market on social media daily by posting, and going live educating people about how you can help them. Once you do that you start to draw attention to yourself and people will be coming from all over to get your services.

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