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Hi all,
I have a summer house in the back garden which I am wanting to clean up and work from home in with my beauty business. I just need to give it a paint and put down new flooring as it already has electric. I will be doing massages and waxing in there. Now the question...I have contacted the local council in regards to if I need to let them know what my plans are etc. I am not extending the summer house at all, it would be be interior. They have sent me on a chase around lots of different people so I am struggling to find an answer!

Any advice would be fab! Or if anyone works from a summer house, can you let me know what you did in regards to this please?
Thanks is advance :)


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Who have the council said to contact?
Normally it would be the Planning department at your District Council who you discuss these things with first.

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It’s not just the size of the building, it’s the purpose it’s used for.

The council will look at thing like parking and increase in traffic etc.
It will differ from area to area but you must check with the planning department first xx


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I've worked from my converted detached garage for 3 years and had terrible trouble trying to find relevant info from my local council too! I was directed to various different departments and then finally to a lady who didn't convince me that she really knew what she was talking about. She went through a list of things that I needed i.e. no smoking sign, fire extinguisher, running water etc. Only rules were that I had parking for clients and only saw one at a time so not to increase traffic in the area and that I couldn't make any changes to the garage externally. It was a very brief 5 minute conversation and that was it. No one has ever visited or made any checks or sent me out any paperwork etc. I thought they'd at least want to see my qualifications and insurance but that was never mentioned.

I'm now having work done to my house which requires planning permission - as part of that, I also asked for permission to brick up the garage doors and put a normal door on changing it to a studio which they are aware is for business use and they responded to say that I didn't need planning and could make this change whenever I wanted. More confused than ever!
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