Sunless Solutions help

Don't know if anyone can help. I ordered a tan tent from sunless solutions about 10 days ago and have heard nothing. I've called several times but no answer and all mail boxes are full.

Has anyone heard anything about the company or got any suggestions? I'm currently over £100 out of pocket and am a little concerned!

Vic x


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I thought they were closing down a while back? I used their solution for a while then couldn't get hold of it, capital stopped stocking it and when I did get some it lasted all of two minutes before turning green how did you order? Online?

I just clicked the link above, oh my!!! Spray tan training for £25!!! There's no hope when company's do that!

Yes @TheSprayTanner. Thank good I didn't chuck my warped old one out. Unfortunately I paid with a debit card as well.

Vic x


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That's shocking Vic, If i were you i would see if they have a Facebook page and/or Twitter page and complain on that publicly. Its amazing how quickly companies will reply to a public statement ;) Hope you get it sorted xx

Having looked at their Facebook @noreenoconnor I'm not the only unhappy customer. Wish I'd looked before. Problems with supply and no communication whatsoever.

Might give twitter a go x


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Still dispute the transaction wuth your debit card provider. They should be able to get your money back x