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Jul 4, 2022
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“A game changer in the industry” We are super thrilled to bring you THE WORLDS FASTEST LASH LIFT IN THE WORLD WITH COLOUR 🫶🏼

Beautiful Brows and Lashes latest product. A LIVE is a available on the @beautifulbrows newsfeed on how to use.

Super Speed Lift And Tint has been described as a game changer! You are able to perform a Lash Lift with colour within 25-30 minutes!! Shorter treatment time means MORE CLIENTS which means MORE MONEY 💰


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Mar 25, 2023
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Hiya Kirsty

Hopefully you are still a member?
I have a couple of clients that I have used this with, and they say they don't feel their lashes are as dark / tinted as well as the original sachets. I have noticed this on other clients too when using the speed lift.
I have read the instructions many times and I did a chat stream on your website - and it doesn't say to put the peroxide in with the sachet 2 speed lift.
Any ideas and advice? I will have to go back to the original sachet number 2, then separate tint afterwards if this carries on as I don't want to loose these clients and it isn't tinting them as well as I can see it myself.

Also I double checked with Beautiful Brows and Lashes staff via the chat that the speed lift sachet can be used up to 7 days after opening if sealed and stored correctly.... but the sachet itself says 24 hours.... so what is it i'm I'll not be particularly happy if i've been told 7 days and it is in fact 24 hours. But even when using the new #2 sachet from brand new and mixing the tint with it, it doesn't give such a deep colour.

Has anyone else had this issue with these new game changer sachet number 2's?

Thanks for your help.

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