Swollen eye from lash extensions


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Hi guys,
looking for some advise really!
My client has been to me a couple of times, had her infills appointment week before last and is due to come again next week. She has never had a problem with her lashes before, I always skin test etc.
She has just sent me a photo and she has woke. up with one of her eyelids swollen. It’s quite red the swelling is right by the lash line. She said it’s doesn’t hurt but just the swelling.
I have told her that I’d prefer to remove them just to be safe and have fitted her in this evening.
Do you think this is the right thing to do? And any ideas what could’ve caused it, it’s never happened before and it really does make you question yourself. I’m here for some reassurance really!


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It’s either a reaction to the lash glue or to some other cosmetics she’s been using near her eye.
Maybe she’s using an mascara that’s been opened a while or a different brand of make-up or make-up remover?

Advise her to take an antihistamine tablet to reduce the swelling and definitely remove the lashes.

It’s not uncommon to become allergic to a product after you’ve been using it for a while. You could try a different lash glue but advise her to leave it a couple of weeks first. Then apply a bit of glue to a few of her own lashes to see if there’s any reaction.