tan extenders - good products?



I can across a website it the past and cant put my hand on it now....It had tan Exstenders, purchase say five and the cost of around £5 each and the retail for around £10...... I am asking what Exstenders you girls (and guys) provide, what ones you rate very high for spray tans......for a nice lasting tan....

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Can't say that I've noticed any threads about tan extenders, hopefully one of the tanning geeks can help you.


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I may be wrong but I assumed tan extenders were just moisturisers with a fancy name retailed to extend natural tans by keeping the skin hydrated hense less peeling. :) I suppose one for a spay tan would contain small amounts of the fake tan product?


i've just got some of tantricks Karma simply spray tan extender it has 8% in it,i've found it lovely and its easy to use:)


Hello, Tan extenders have been around for years..... for natural tans, the all have slight fake in them, Piz buin has had them out for many years.... like all the rub in ones you have to wash your hands after...they have a slight tanner in them, and are really good for making your clients spray tan last.

I was asking if there are any really good price ones that can retail very well, I have seen the tantrick, but the prices are quite high. does anyone know of any others...


Thanks Girls..


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I use Tantricks - look on the website hun tantrick its a really lovely moisturiser and tan extender in one. xxxxx


You could try Vani-t's Body Custard. This product is ideal for clients to maintain their spray tan. It contains 3% DHA and also has Marine Collagen Extract to hydrate along with the soothing Calendula, Aloe Vera and powerful antioxidants Green Tea and Vit E. This product is a finalist in the CLEO Beauty Awards in Australia, which is really exciting for us as Liquid Sun was recently voted Best In-Salon Spray Tan by both CLEO and Madison Magazines in Australia this year already. We also have a Bronzing Mist which contains 8% DHA either way 2 great products. Check out the website for more info.



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Having recently taken on board Vani-T & retail range I can't say how impressed we are with the Tan itself & Skincare system..

The feedback we are recieving from long time tanners that have switched to this range is FANTASTIC - even the boyfriends are singing its praises as the girls dont have that Ive just been tanned smell about them.

The most popular retail items so far for us[only been a month] have been.
Liquid Loofah - Shimmer Veil - Hydrafresh - Body Custard - Liquid Radiance.
Cant seem to get enough of it!



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I have tried the vani-t stuff on myself and others, we did not rate the colour.
Orange came to mind. just a hint.. I like most others like the Celeb secrets, (React cosmetics).... perfecto. and cheaper.



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We use the Vani-T Body Custard tan extender. We always try to sell a tan extender every time we do a Liquidsun spray tan. I've had a Vani-T spray tan and been able to maintain it without patchiness for nearly 14 days using the body custard product. Granted, the liquidsun solution is probably the best on the market at the moment as it's a great colour and fades evenly.
Our clients quite like the fact that they can maintain their tan at home and the Vani-T retail range is really really nice. Another good selling point of the Vani-T range is that it is 100% natural with no parabens or SLS and it smells divine. I have used this as a selling point in the salon and clients are buying in to the natural product thing. Clients also love the liquid loofah (exfoliator) and the hydrafresh (spray moisturiser). I think they are reasonably priced as well.

Good luck with your hunt for a tan extender and hope this helps you.