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Nov 4, 2015
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I'm using crazy angel tan and their machine as well. For the last few clients and myself, tan isn't taking on legs?! Why on earth could this be? It's always much lighter on them? I always tell them how to prep and they do as far as I know. My only thought is that as it's winter and legs aren't exposed as much as the rest of the skin they don't go as dark as the arms for example as they are constantly exposed to some form of uv? It's getting me down now! please help ladies xx

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Jul 29, 2013
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You will probably find they are shaving with razors that have a moisturising strip on, or using shaving foam and not washing it off well enough. May even have oily skin or be sweating a lot in the day (might have walked to their appointment). I only have this problem with one regular that has been doing it for years, then the odd randomers here and there that will go anywhere but don't listen to to the preparation and think everyone is bad at spraying (which I set straight and reform them tehe). Spray tanning is a military operation with me & my girls are super committed and follow all my instructions to the letter. They are serious tanners or they then become them. Except this ONE person. **sigh** Every single time I get:

'I've done everything you said.'
'I had a shower because I didn't want to smell.'
'I've shaved an hour ago because I didn't want to be hairy.'
'No I've done everything haven't even showered, I stink.'
'No, haven't shaved for a few days.'

I'm like...are you aware you're forgetting what lies you've told me :'D I just let her get on with it. The preparation is there, its up to her what she does with it. I've never given her a refund, because it's not me causing the issues. She wastes her money...I don't get it. I prepare properly, perfect aftercare & products and it lasts 2-3 weeks fading unnoticeably. Why would she want a tan to be patchy and naff after a few days...I wish I had money to burn like that!!!

You will notice if they have had a shower too soon before/used a razor with a strip when you are spraying it on. It should absorb really well and look perfect straight away, but if they've got wet etc, it will look a little orangey like its just sitting on the skin and quite greasy looking. Often with a shiny forehead is the giveaway. Advise them against it, as well as recommending they avoid any type of exertion so they don't get sweaty.

Let me know how you get on!! xxx

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