tanned palms

hi ,just wanting a little advice on how to avoid tanning palms of hands ,it seems doesnt matter how carefull im to doing this it always catching ,i was think maybe i put petrolatum jelly on the clients nails (toes&hands) does anyone think maybe smearing abit over the palms of the hand woulod help as a barrier ,and they client would just wash after the treatment ,any other suggestions would be gr8 thx :hug:

Are you spray tanning hun,gloves??? xx

you should apply a barrier cream to the soles of the feet and palms of the hands....most tanning companies sell barrier cream or you can use something like vaseline if you wish.

make sure you apply a good amount all over the area to prevent any tanning product getting on the skin where you don't want it



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I get clients to moisturise well, but just as extra back up I get them to hold a tennis ball in each hand. They think I am weird when I first ask them to do it but understand why once I get spraying.

Just put the tennis balls in your washing machine with your towels and they are all set to go again. Don't be tempted to use the balls for weeks on end though because you will find that there is a little overspray on them which can transfer to your next client.


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tennis balls for me too

hi, i thought of vaseline but the tennis balls NEVER ,god thats a good adear weird but im going to try it out my nexted client is wed so il let yous know how i get on,hope she doesnt hit me with them though :lol:

hi,sorry i forgot to say it was for spray tanning ,my nexted clients on weds so il let u know how it goes thx :hug:

thx for your suggestions and advice ,got myself 2 tennis balls and barrier cream ,had 6 clients since wed ,they are all happy and the tennis balls and cream make a big difference even though my clients looked at me funny at first ,but they seen the reason for it after.HAPPY CLIENTS thats whit i like :)