Tanning a hairy male?


Hi all... I use la tan and love it... Tanned my oh when I was practising and turnt out fine- altho a small bit on hair on his chest. But a regular lady client has asked if I would tan her partner... She Also said he is very hairy... I'm just wondering if this would be a problem? Im guessing some Of The solution will lay on the hairs but most on the skin as the air from The gun will kind of blow the hairs To side? any advice?


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My OH has a very hairy chest. I was taught on my training to spray hairy areas upwards rather than the usual downwards. I've not had a problem on my OH.
Hope that helps :)
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I was also told that the pressure from the spay gun blows the hair out of the way.


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You can spray hairy men normally as the force of air from the gun seperates the hairs to allow the solution through to the skin.

If you spray head to foot (like me) then you may find that aiming the gun slightly upwards instead of straight while spraying will help to force the hairs out of the way.

*I was initially told to spray from foot to head while holding the gun aimed upwards but as I spray head to foot normally it felt unatural to spray foot to head, I tried head to foot pointing the gun upwards and found it work just as well.


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