Tanning & Brow tint question

Hi girls, Tommorow im having my spray tan done and im having a Brow tint i was hoping to have my tan in the morning and im booked for the tint at 3.30 afternoon time, Should i have the tan first then tint? Or vice versa?x thanks x

anyone know?:rolleyes:

lotus blossom

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says on my aftercare sheet, dont tint eyebrows or eyelashes within 12 hrs of a tan


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Have your tint done one day then go back the next day for your tan hth

Ruth Mills

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Logically, I'd expect it to work better to have an eyelash/eyebrow tint *before* a spray tan.

And that's on account of the fact that the lash/brow tint contains hydrogen peroxide (which can have a bleaching effect) and you'd be applying product to skin that has just had the tan applied to it (and probably hasn't had enough time to "take" on the skin yet). Also when the tint gets washed off at the end, it may take some of the tan with it too...

But that's just from logic rather than experience so don't take my word for it!

Ok thanks girls ill have tint first x