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Hello everyone!

I've just started a mobile spray tanning business and all is going good so far, I've done some free advertising but mainly I'm doing friends, family, friends of friends and relying on word of mouth.

As an another way of getting business I was thinking of getting a stall at one of the pamper events you usually see at schools, pubs, community halls etc. However, I've never even been to one let alone tanned at one so I was wondering if any spray tanners out there do them, and if so, do you have any tips or advice? I know these events usually offer discounted treatments so do you give much off? I already charge quite low for my tans due to loads of competition in Kent and London!

Any advice appreciated, thanks!! xx

You've probably already done this now, but I'm just about to do my first event for tanning and can't wait. They are giving me a private area, and I'm offering a £5 discount to my usual price. I can do this as I'm hoping to tan back to back for the large part of the evening. Has anyone else done this? I've asked that in their marketing they ask that clients wanting a spray tan on the night exfoliate the day before. Fingers crossed they listen!x

I am sometimes involved in ladies pamper evenings for large oil companies in my area. I don't charge per tan as the companies usually pay me a set fee so I don't actually make much money out of the actual night but I find that they are good advertising as my cards and flyers go into goodie bags that the company hand out and my details are usually in the invite to all the clients. I always get new customers out of these and feel they are worth while xx

I'm just about to do my first pamper evening, an organised event for my fellow military wives, silly question really but what do you do at these events, basically set up and hope that somebody would like a Tan? :)

Yeah it can vary if its organised well as some I've been to have been them, you will already have clients booked in with a time slot-bliss! But typically yes you just promote your stall and wait for people to enquire and put their name to a time slot.gl.x

So how will the people get changed in private? are you taking a screen or something for them to change behind? As when i have been to these events there are not normally alot of room between stalls etc.
Just wondering as it would be a great earner if you can protect peoples modesty.

Thanks hun
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How would you go about patch testing though? I'm guessing you wouldn't be able to do this if people are just coming up to the stall to get a tan done.