Tanning solution help


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looking for some advice iv been tanning for almost 12 years completely loyal to fake bake.... iv took almost a full year out away from tanning and now am going back to it this time shop based and not mobile anyway am looking to break away from fake bake I feel it was getting too orange can anyone recommend a good tan that fades naturally and not patchy


VANI-T is amazing. The colour is natural and fades really well. It is expensive though but I suppose you pay more for quality.


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Thank you il have a look Iv heard lots about Australian gold but struggling to get much info from them


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My clients love Bondi Sands and anytime I’ve tried another brand they’ve said they want to go back to it.
The brand name also brings in new clients


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Nouvatan are a UK manufactured product so running out of solution is never an issue!
Original solutions range from 6% to 20% (Rapid) and available in 250ml, 500ml and litres
Olive based solutions are in Litres only in Light 8%, Medium (12%) & Dark (20%)


I’ve always used fake bake but felt the colour didn’t go dark enough for those wanting slightly darker.

I now use LA tan and really like it- there’s lots of different shades but I tend to get the fast tan as it can be used on all clients- the longer it’s left on the darker it goes.