Tape hair removal

Hey all~

So i’m thinking of going back to Tape; after years of only doing Nanos, i’m getting fed up of them. Many reasons, mainly that I fancy having a quicker application, with a more seamless fit.. Nanos are not as invisible as I initially thought. I find stick tips too visible on clients with thinner hair, so i’m not left with much to offer

I know re-taping is a total ball ache. Takes at least 2 days, especially with having to ensure the clients hair is nice and clean prior to refit.

What remover do you recommend? Baby oil previously worked but I could never get the old tape off fully, they were always left sticky therefore I didn’t find it too effective. I tried the C-22 but that was awful if i’m honest.

What are your tips and tricks for smooth re-taping, and getting them as clean as possible? Any particular tape brand preferences? Thanks x


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99.9% isopropyl alcohol x

So I've been trialling so many different methods of tape remover and honestly think 99.9% isopropyl alcohol works the best to get the tapes out. That way you haven't got to wash the clients tapes as the alcohol just dries up. the old tape also peels off much easier than when i used oil removers etc.
I then go through my clients hair with C-22 spray to get any leftover tape out, they go home wash their hair and come back. but honestly not having to wash the extensions makes it soo much quicker.x

I’d agree with 99.9% isopropyl. And honestly I just love walker tape. It’s always lasted the best for me and I love the single tape option for sides. Clients who are particularly fine at the sides it’s a much more softer way to fill them out without it looking false.