Tattoos on hands in the workplace


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Feb 16, 2009
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How do you feel about tattoos on the hands for employees or potential employees? Would this put you off employing them or would it depend on the size of the tattoo?
I guess it would also depend on the design of the tattoo too; I've seen some very feminine tattoo designs for hands which look lovely, and some "DIY" tattoos that look quite awful.
I wouldnt employ a therapist with visible tattoos
I have four tattoos on my hands two on the undersides of my hands running from little fingers upwards. On my wedding finger i have my wedding band tattoed and then I have a massive tattoo running all over the top of my right hand. I fit hair extensions and its surprising how many people have commented on it and said how nice it is. Gets a conversation going straight away, all mine have been done by a tatooist and they are colourful and feminine but I am not a fan of self done tattoos.
I've had debates with my previus employers about the how 'professional' my red Mohawk was. They weren't able to provide me with a list of professional hair cuts. Told them if I couldn't dye my hair that was a clear case of sexual discrimination.

Providing people look smart, tidy and have a good professional attitude it is their body.

You have to be careful of discrimination here and employment law.

i have one on my wrist.. and one on my wedding finger, both can be covered easily, i'm actually quite heavily tattooed on my upper arms and back, again i can cover them.
but i wouldn't mind if anyone had them on show.
its personal preference... i know the old dears don't really like them but??
people have them on there necks ect...

i don't particully like peircing but i wouldn't hold it against anyone if they were peirced?!?

i sure this would be discrimination, it doesn't make you a bad person.
or any worse at your job.

i'd say it depends on the clientelle? x
The reason I ask is because I would love one on the side of my hand and as I work for myself its not too bad but if something ever happened and I had to work for someone or in a shop etc would it possibly affect my chances of getting a job?

Is it better not to say anything to potential bosses unless they bring it up?
i have ten tattoos, including one on my hand.

I have worked in a salon with it with no problems but work for myself now.

Tattoos have nothing to do with your job ability and express who you are.

I find them a form of beauty and if others dont like them then tough, there isnt much i can do about them now and others dont have to look at them.
I think like you as well if they don't like it tough but I don't want to ruin things cos of a stupid tattoo. I'm thinkin long and hard about it.

At the minute I'm thinkin of going for a part time job for extra money, if I was ever to get an interview do you think its best to not say anythin as like you say a tattoo doesn't affect your work
I have 8 tattoos and love them all each has a special meaning. I do not think people should be judged by how the look, you know the saying "never judge a book!" People should be judged on their capability and personality. I too find they are a great ice breaker, I have had some great conversations started off by someone noticing my tattoos.

XXX :hug:
hi, im very heavily tattooed and alot are visable, i own the salon so i have no probs! some clients dont like them but thats too bad! when i was 19 i got turned down for cruise ship work because of them!!
I have ten tattoos, 4 of them visible. I have 3 little butterflies tattooed on my inner right arm at the top and so many people stop me in the salon (either my clients or the hairdresser's clients) and comment on how pretty it is. I think tattoos are a much more accepted thing these days!
I would say in answer to your question that rightly or wrongly, having visible tattoos coud affect your chances of getting a job depending on the preference of the salon owner.

I have a couple of members of staff with visible tattoos - both are pretty designs and it doesnt worry me at all. :hug:
I personally wouldn't find it a problem if they were feminine and pretty, but I know that some companies object. When I went for my interview at Steiner they told a girl she would have to consider getting the tattoos on her wrists lasered if she wanted to work for them!
I got tattoo's on my knuckles but unfortunately since I lost a finger it became "Love and Hat" (© Peter Kay)
I have stars round my wrist and even before working in beauty it has never bothered an employer.
I work for myself and had no complaints from any customers about it. I get compliments which like has been already mentioned is a good conversation starter!
In the beauty industry appearance is an important aspect of the job. I think it depends on the overall appearance and attitude of the therapist. It wouldn't put me off going to a therapist if I knew they were good at their treatments and had a good personality but first impressions do count and some people consider tattoos 'rough' looking.

I think it depends on you client market and the type of salon you work in. I did consider getting a tattoo on my wrist but decided not to because of my job. I think you are better getting one in an area in which you can cover it as I don't think it is professional. I haven't seen any doctors or dentists with tattoos on their hands. It would be discrimination to be turned away because of a tattoo, but it happens all the time, the employer can easily make up other reasons for being turned down for a job.
I personally dont mind them at all and cant see how it would make anyone less of a professional however I think it depends on where you would look for work. Ive worked in a salon where the owner did not mind and ive also worked for a 5 star spa and airport lounge where visible tattoo's and piercings were a big no-no. They would not employ anyone with them as they felt it didnt convey the right message.
You may just need to check their policy on them before you have an interview.

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