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Mar 8, 2007
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manchester england
I know this has been posted many times before but I felt the need to just say thank you to all the nail geeks who have helped me out with any problems I have had with nails over the last few months. Ive not posted much lately as I have been busy getting my college stuff sorted .I'm hoping soon I will be able to help an advise the new geeks as they join anyway going on a bit now lol
thank you to Gigi Nicky and all the geek who helped me with my exam questions you'll be happy to know Ive passed them now .
A big thank you to all the other geek who have helped and advised me over the months .
I cant believe it over this year has gone so fast .
Big :hug: to you all you are all stars .
cheers to a great future and more training Ive caught the bug BIG time now lol :green::green:

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