The Beauty Industry, losing passion fast


Hi guys,
I have been in the beauty industry and run my own business for years. I am also a Beauty Teacher. I am just so disheartened at where the industry is going. I work for a School and also run courses through my own business. I have spent thousands and hours and hours on my education so I can deliver Beauty Courses properly... but no, people are popping up everywhere training from their salons (realising there is much more money in it).. sick of people ALWAYS wanting it cheaper or free.. there is no value on what we provide anymore. It is SO quiet here in Australia I am hardly getting any clients.... can't remember the last time it was this quiet..

Once my lease is up I am seriously considering chucking it in. Anyone else feel the same?


Yes me.
There is a lot on the thread that Trinity has added, quite an interesting read from us therapists.
Lots of shops popping up in my area and people aren’t qualified.


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No different to us Web Designers/Developers just to show it's almost every industry :)

Many years of experience, worked with some of the UK's biggest WordPress agencies, high standards, high results, people still prefer to pick the £200-500 fly by freelancers/agencies.

It's not the same as obviously you guys and gals are a physical service but I work almost exclusively for US clients now as I earn a lot more than I do in the UK.