The BEST electric file

my electric drill is starting to short out this is what my last one did to so im just wondering what everyone eles has used or liked the best..and where you got it at...Im goint to have to get a new one and would like some ideas...

Before you decide that your EFile is starting to 'short out' have you thought about having it serviced?
We service and repair most efiles wth a quick turn around - Not just our own Erica MT20 and YN99's...
We still service and repair MT20's that were manufactured over 10yrs ago, so I know how long they're lasting!
A general service and repair wont cost much, we'll give you a free quotation and call you before any work is carried out.
Efiles are a heavy investment and as with our own Electric Nail Files I know they dont come cheap.
Its just a thought and could save you lots of money long term.