The best products for pedicures ?


Hi nail geeks this is my first go so please be kind :lol:

I am a massive lover of pedicures and wondered what products you guys use and which you would recommend :rolleyes:

I would also love to hear from feet geeks like myself
( i know im strange:!: ) as because i tell people i like doing feet that is the bulk of my work now :lol:

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I use the Raw Earth pedicure products from Creative. They are a sensual treat as well as being very effective.
For callus treatment I use Callus Peel.


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OPI offer a beautiful pedicure range, and also a more treatment based product called 'Feet'.
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I use Creative Raw Earth, fabulous warming products


Thanks guys you are sooo quick !!! I have been looking at the Raw Earth products today so think i will give them a go Thanks xxx
oh and Debs i love and only use OPI varnish so many get a sample to try xxx