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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Salina Williams-Funnell, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Salina Williams-Funnell
    Hi all, Im totaly new to here so hope im going the right way about it So Im just wondering if anyone has used The Manicure Companys Nude collection gel polishes and if you've had any issues with streaky coverage and how to resolve this.
  2. Salina Williams-Funnell
    Does anyone use The Manicure company gel colours at all??
  3. Katfin
    There’s a group on Facebook that might be able to help!

    The manicure company nail tech support
  4. Salina Williams-Funnell
    Thankyou il have a look. Thanks again
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  5. Shauna06
    How many coats of the colour are you using? I use it and find the coverage with the dark colours great but I need to use at least 3 coats of the lighter colours to get full coverage or it looks streaky.
  6. Salina Williams-Funnell
    Hiya, yea the darker colours are great with 2 coats! I just find I have to use 3 coats with the paler colours and theyre either still streaky or not nice and smooth but rather thick looking
  7. Shauna06
    I'm wearing Almost There by TMC at the minute have 3 coats of colour on and they look fine. Are you applying really thin layers each time?
  8. Salina Williams-Funnell
    yep 3 thin layers.x
  9. Shauna06
    Have you tried emailing or calling TMC? I find their customer service really good. Is the polish warm before you use it?
  10. Georgina sharp
    I use these and I find 3 really thin layers work. If I do the layers thicker it goes streaky.... which is weird xx

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