The Pros and Cons of being a mobile nail technician


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The Pro's and Con's of being a mobile nail technician

You're a recently qualified nail technician and decide that being mobile is the best avenue for you to go down, but have you really put enough thought into what it all involves?

The Pro's
  • Being able to fit your nail business around your family and commitments
  • Offering a more personal service to your clients in the comfort of their own home
  • Being able to work ''after hours'' and not being tied to a salons working hours
  • No rent, although you will still have overheads, i.e. petrol etc
  • Being able to choose when you work
  • Fitting your clients around your life instead of the other way around
  • Excellent if you like to work alone
  • Being your own boss without being tied to a salon lease or long contract
The Con's
  • Weight of equipment, carrying heavy bags can take it's toll on you
  • Being safe in a strangers home, always make sure someone knows where you are and has a contact number for you
  • Building your client base, this can be difficult when you start out being a mobile technician but will reap rewards in the long-term
  • Creating retail opportunities, this can be more difficult as you don't have a retail stand to show off your products, you will have to ''talk'' up the products and sell the benefits
  • Not being able to bounce off salon colleagues if you encounter a problem
  • Distractions and interruptions such as your client's children and pets
  • Being out working in all kinds of weather, from hot sunshine to freezing rain
That said, being a mobile nail technician is very rewarding but also extremely hard work, even more so if you've not had any previous business experience.
With determination and good business sense it can be an extremely lucrative business to be in.

Make your choice wisely.


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I would also say that the cons are having to spend on fuel and mileage for car and having to find parking as some peeps live in narrow streets. Also clients expect a mobile tech to be less expensive whereas I think we should charge no less that salons.


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Good thread!!:)


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The cons for me recently is not having a car lol Fab article Sandi:hug:


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great article. I am a newly qualified nail tech and at present I am fitting it around my other job as a receptionist, it is working quite well at present as I finish at 2.00 so can start doing nails by 2.30. My daughter is just finishing off her GCSE so the school run will a thing of the past as she is starting a hairdressing apprentership with Reeds International and we have a bus stop just down the road which will take her straight into town. And yes, it is hard work trying to build up a clientel, so far I have only had one problem with parking and having to carry all the gear to the house:cry: and the area looked a bit dodgy but the car was in one piece when I came out and the client actually carried some of my stuff for me which was nice:smack: My husband is being great and always has something to eat if I am going to be late and a cold beer lined up for me.:hug: thanks for the article.


I have just recently qualified and would like to get some experience in a salon however not many will take on a new tech so the only option would be to go mobile.



Good thread:)


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The bit about clients kids and pets is soooo true.I have one lady who gets up at least 10 times every time to give her cat, cat treats.It's infuriating.I love animals but this cat sits outside her patio doors and refuses to come in.Every single time this happens.My client then feels guilty and has to get up,go fetch cat treats,open doors,feed cat,try to coax feline inside,then finally we start again.Only for it to happen 10 mins later when damned cat starts meowing at patio doors again.AAARGHHHHGood thread by the way..LOL


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its true what you all say about parking and fuel.....i grudged it but ive just changed my car to a small one. (suzuki wagon.) .hey ts great im beginning to think it runs on fresh air and i can find a parking space easier, its amazing what you can fit in smaller cars!....its great for nipping up and down narrow streets...and like someone says, you can only go as fast as the cars in front of you...ive saved loads.


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I have just qualified as a nail tech and did so with te intention of being mobile, but finding a client base is hard work. Any suggestions???????


I'm a mobile nail tech and am definately experiencing lots of cons at the moment! I seem to be working more and more hours to try and fit everyone in, especially my late night clients, with driving to appointments I can only do about 3 per night, whereif I were salon based i'd be able to double that, so i'm working 3 to 4 lates per week. Then retail is another big problem and even straight forward extras such as nail art is a problem. Oh I could go on and on... houses which are far from desirable and not feeling safe........... Then again I do love my job and mostly I do feel safe! Each to there own I guess


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i love the one to one with the clients but you are right trying to get a client base is hard and then the client not being there what do you do about this :rolleyes: you got all your thing then no one home.or there later on need to sort the kids out and the dog so you are kept wait and you smile and say no that ok:lol: :lol: but you try and do you best but you see them smile at the end of it and they are over the moon and you know it was a good thing you did and your please until the next time


Great thread!

I'm a Mobile Nail Technician and I couldn't agree more with everything you said, but I feel the Pro's far outway the Con's and I love being mobile. The best thing about it is being your own boss and fitting your clients around your life. I don't fit my work around my clients lives. I could work 4/5 evenings a week if it was up to my clients, but I have a life too and I thought if I'm going to continue in this business I have to be strict and only work one or two evenings a week, otherwise I will get fed up and pack it in! Allbeit if it was a really good regular client who only could do that particular eve then I would go to her rather than lose her business.


Thanks, I am thinking about going mobile, but as you say"all the things you have to take with you" How much do you have to take, what about a table and can you store barbicide in a plastic container?
I have sent some leaflets out but no reply :!:


Me too, it is a shame and I feel the same wat too


hi ,im just qualified too,i put out about 1,000 flyers ive got some replys but not the mad rush i thought but i have had a few and as they say its mostly word of mouth,i think its all about being patient too ,i would be moaning if i had too much so slowly but surely does it,this has been my first week without doing any nails so i cant complain:)im loving it though:Love:


Hi, Ive started my nail business about a year ago. Ive set up a website, sent out flyers, advertised on free websites, and put adverts in the local post offices, but over a year now ive had hardly anyone, How have other people advertised and whats the best way.
I know word of mouth is the main thing but its trying to find the people to start with.


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Hi I finally decided I am going to go with an apprentice program for me to be able to take my exam. I have actually been doing nail designs for about 3 years on family and friends. So many times I have been told I should do it professionally. Now I am taking that step. I have had plenty of time to think about how to get business. My ideas:
1. Always have your own nails done with your own work. (you are a walking advertisement)
2. Have business cards ready for everyone who compliments you. website, and email should be clearly posted on card.
3. If you can do nice designs, put an ad in craigs list and start with offering birthday party services for little girls. (The parents will be there and see your work! Give them business cards!)
4. Put an ad on craig's list for Nail Party. Offer 10% commission to whoever holds the party for you. Come up with some good ideas, wine, goodies, music. I will be integrating homemade candles into my mobile business. Have business cards ready to hand out to everyone and offer a discount price because of the nail party. Good to plan out a few weeks in advance to make sure everyone has the money ready.
5. Call wedding services, ask them if you can drop off some business cards for nails, let them know you are mobile, convenient, and offer discount rates for parties of 5 or more.
6. Blogging is better then having a website. Blogging is recognized by google 100 times more then a website you put together. You can add pictures and testimonials just the same.
7. ASK for Referrals!!! Every time you have a new customer, tell them if they send people to you, their next visit they get a 20% discount! Also, for new customers, have them fill out a short form, with name, address, phone number, birth dates, favorite colors, and a list of some friends names and number who might appreciate your services. Keep dates in database to send out bday cards, xmas cards ect.

8. If you go tanning or use a spa regularly, ask if you can leave some business cards. I will probably just go visit some high end massage salons and tanning places and ask them directly. Usually women who use these services get their nails done as well.

Hope this helps! This is what I have planned so far to get my business jump started. If you don't know how to do designs, type nail art in youtube, they have some good tutortorials that can help you learn. This skill is always good to have when you are mobile. You want to offer everything a salon can do, and have convenience and privacy for you to stand out above the rest!

I have linked a blog of mine, which might give you ideas on how to set up your own. This is just preliminary for me, and will probably change it up when I am ready to do all of this!


I wish all of you luck. ;)Most of my ideas are practically free, and a good way to get some business. As far as cost goes, I plan on charging more then salons because of convenience. Can you get the same price at CVS as you can at Walmart? You always pay more for convenience so why not for nails too? Also, I will be charging a travel fee outside of a 10 mile radius. This is also a hint for attracting the right kind of clientele. Feeling safe, clean home, well to do people... you get the idea.
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I just don't understand why some people think that because you are coming to them rather than them coming into a salon, that we should charge less. Are they just dim!
I had a lady call me asking if I do mobile and what I charge. When I told her she said she only wanted to pay £10 for a set of acrylics! I told her that that is not possible and she just kept on and on and on asking if I would consider it! Obviously not. She asked what she should do because I would not do it for £10. I just told her that she could just try calling some else but that I think she would get the same answer. Why on earth would I charge less when I am doing here side of the work, ie travelling to her home instead of her coming to the salon!