This is why I chose CND and why you should choose upmarket products


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I had a crap day today, I lost three clients who were having serious nail issues. I went out tonight downhearted and wondering why I ever chose to do nails.

My client tonight has CND L & P forever french nails, however three weeks ago I was really poorly and she broke a nail. I just couldn't mend it and she asked if she could go to a local salon to have the nail mended. I readily agreed happy in the knowledge she would not leave me but she needed the nail done urgently as she was going out.

I did her infill two days later and was pleased that the salon had not drilled her natural nail and had done a good job.

So tonight I went back for her three week rebalance, OMG the difference was absolutely unbelievable. My nails were beautifully pink and white still, absolutely no lifting whatsoever and looked really good. The nail she had repaired was the most ugly yellow Ive ever seen like a smokers nail and horribly lifting.

I know its bad sportsmanship to be pleased but honestly I could have jumped for joy. IM GETTING THERE CND and your products really are amazing.

So even tho this salon at the time matched me nail for nail in original application, the longevity of the product really is completely different.

So to all those looking to start off in nails choose your products very carefully. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR REALLY :D

Just to clarify Im not just saying CND, thats just the product I choose there are many reputable companies out there so do your research. xxxxx


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I love this! Reading your post has put a huge smile on my face. I am also a happy bunny today from a CND shellac client that had tried it elsewhere months ago and told me she'd never have it again as it chips and peels right off after 2/3 days. I convinced her to let me shellac her nails and what do you know... They are still on, chip free and perfect 2 weeks on.

Another regular client wahoo and all thanks to CND's wonderful products and training (and my skill of course lol) x


I too had a regular Shellac Client in today who last time went to have her nails done in a different area where her sister lives as they were off on holiday together. It wasn't Shellac but a gel polish and what do you know it chipped on her first day, needles to say she came back to me today as she said "cause your products really do last two weeks at least"


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I had a client back today from a girlie holiday in Vegas.

She had CND shellac done 3 weeks ago, along with her other mates who had it done at other salons.

Most of her mates Nails, either chipped or came off after a few days, and hers was the only one that lasted so long!

That's when I put my two-pence in and said " that's what you get when you come to a certified CND shellac salon!" 😃



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I feel so happy that despite having a few problem clients, who really aren't my fault or the fault of the product, Im now on par or even better than some of the salons locally to me.

I feel justified in charging the prices I charge, for the products I use and this really is a first.

The only thing Im kicking myself about is that I didn't take before and after pictures. Really sometimes Im sooooo dense lol. I think I just got a bit carried away with excitement.

I now cant wait for my custom colour enhancement training tomorrow, this will be the final bit of the jigsaw before my Master Architect and Im daring to dream that I will actually be justified as a Master in L & P after 3 long years.

Hmm what training after that I wonder eek :D xx