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Right geeks here's a thought for friday come on lets get the juices flowing :hug:

What does Plasticizing Enhancements mean and why is it important and what product helps with this process?


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Natural oils such as Solar oil would be a Plasticiser.

It can penetrate into the nail to make the enhancement flexible so it won't break when hit.

Arrrhh I know the answer, but I'm just rubbish at explaining things... can I have a gold star? PLEASE? :lol:

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Claire C

Ooohh I feel like I'm answering an exam question :eek: lol. Well here goes...a plasticiser is an additive that improves the flexibility of a plastic and when this is applied to nail enhancements it will give the polymer flexibility, without it the enhancement will become brittle and will be more prone to breaking and lifting. A nail/cuticle oil will do this, something like solar oil. I find if you explain to clients why you need cuticle oil they are more inclined to use it!!


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All of the above +
It also prolongs the life of the enhancement, acts as a barrier to moisture & contaminants.
It also helps to use the cuticle oil to stop nail polish chipping (as well as enhancements) by keeping the polish more flexible, the cuticle soft & eponichium from splitting as the nail grows.

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A plasticizer is something that gives a solid substance more flexibility or softens it slightly and temporarily. :) xx


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:Love: Solar Oil, Solar Oil, Solar Oil, Solar Oil :Love:


ooh I like this. I knew the answer but I didn't if you know what I mean. I'm happy I'll be able to explain this to clients when I start getting them in!!!! I don't think I'll ever forget this now.