Thoughts on double dipping - one client, same spatula?

Discussion in 'Waxing' started by Kaydielee, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Kaydielee
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  2. cloughers
    No. Why would you? Spatulas cost £1 for 100.
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  3. Kpreats
    I don’t double dip. I get a lot of recommendations because of this. Spatulas are as cheap as chips xx
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  4. ch-ela
    No. As the other ladies have said, there's no need
  5. Studio One
    Never why would you when spatulas are so cheap?
  6. The_Wax_Guru
    I totally agree..never double dip. Just have a little think how often does your wax get emptied..possibly never, it will just get topped up. If you double dip think about how many skin cells, hairs and not to mention any blood from potential blood spots!! Wax spatulas are cgeap enough just use a fresh one for every dip...or better still consider the PHD system. No spatuals needed. But of course for hot wax/brazilain wax then the PHD system isn't suitable so grab a load of those wax sticks and get waxing safely!...would you want to be waxed using a pot of wax containing all its potential nasties!
  7. EllenHyuga
    See, we weren’t taught this at college. It was a VTCT course. Even in the theory with questions from VTCT it didn’t say anything about it. I use a roller system now but still x
  8. ch-ela
    Unfortunately, not all colleges teach up to date methods. I could write a book! grrrr!
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  9. EllenHyuga
    We even had a VTCT EV come in and she didn’t mention when a couple of the other students were doing their assessment :/
    Tbh I learn more from this group than that course lol x
  10. ch-ela
    When I pointed out to our college tutor that double dipping is against industry standards and could land her students in trouble, her reply was "you'd have to get caught first". Great example and mentor
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  11. Tia123456
    No way! You can transfer disease! A friend told me she used to work for a salon who double dipped.. then found out one of their regular clients coming in for all different types of waxing had HIV!
  12. nailpod
    Wow your last sentence completely killed it for me. It saddens me to realize that ignorant therapists are working on the public. I will forgive you due to your age and perhaps you have not had any education regarding people living with aid and HIV.

    Pls do some research on HIV and how it is transmitted before making statements like that. It comes across as extremely offensive or otherwise insensitive.
    This aside I do see your point you are making that double dipping is a big No No.

    Not withstanding the facts: double dipping is not acceptable from a hygienic and professional standard point.
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  13. licclelollyx
    A previous salon I worked in the beautician used the same spatula for a while and we never even clicked on until we got a new beautician in and told us how unhygienic it is we’re talking weeks before changing it over !
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  14. linzi
    I used to work in a salon when I was training and I was changing the spatulas with every dip. The owner told me off for spending too much!

    This was early noughties though, but still!
  15. wonderwoman
    This discussion has been back and forth for years. The babtac legal point of view is no, don't do it. However i feel they need to update their helpful tips as some are very outdated. Some people use spatulas some use orange wood sticks, some use metal spatulas-which are the exception to the rule. I guess it's kinda confusing when you have all these extra "hygienic "waxing systems on top. It grosses me out so i stick with the disposables! xoxo
  16. Nvl
    I need to place a big order for spatulas. Would you please tell me where you get them for this price?! Thanking you
  17. PicklePie
    Your Salon Store are 99p per 100
  18. ch-ela
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