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Mar 30, 2012
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Dennis Williams

Threading Course
6th June 2012
10am - 4pm
£110 +vat

Suitable for: Ideal for complete beginners.

Overview: The course specifically focuses on how to achieve the perfect brow shape using the eyebrow Threading. Students will be shown and learn how to create the perfect shape brow to suit the individual clients face shape and brow design.

What will I learn?
Theory, Demonstrations & Practical
Health, Safety & Hygiene
Client Consultation, contra-indications and client care
Face shapes and how to define the brow to suit a client
Threading treatment procedure
Troubleshooting, Promotion & Marketing

What will I get?
Course Handbook
Certificate of attendance accredited by ABT

What else will i need?
Student should grow their body hair for practise before moving to brow area
Students are required to work on each other for the duration of the course
Wear minimal eye make-up
Products will be provided for practice by the trainer on the day.

How long will it take?
Full Day 10am-4pm

What will it cost?
The course is £110+vat

Course Location:
Dennis Williams
9 Kingsmark Freeway
Euroway Trading Estate
BD12 7HW

For more information or to book a course contact:
01274 711686

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