Threading reaction? Advice please

Hi everyone, I'm in desperate need of advice. I had a client in for brow threading, she had it done 5 wks ago with no problems but this time she came up really red and and then these White bumps came up all around her brow where I had done the threading. I tried to cool it down with cold cotton and I put tea tree on it. The redness went down a little before she left. I rang her that evening and all the redness was gone but she said the bumps were left and the next day the White bumps were gone but she was left with tiny red dots. I just don't know what I did to cause it and I don't really have a solid answer for her. All I did was cleanse and use the thread. If anyone could shed some light on it I'd really really appreciate it!


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have you used the SEARCH option on here as I am sure this has been discussed before.

I did but couldn't find anything relevant, I'll have another go tho thanks

Hi everyone ive gone through the search again, I can't find anything similar to my clients reaction. If anyone can help at all or point me in the right direction to find an answer I'd really appreciate it, I'm getting desperate I'm meeting with her tm so I'd like to have some information for her. Thanks in advance

Hey, as usual it's difficult to judge what she looks like until you see it however it sounds like her skin has just been sensitive, tell her not use different lotions and potions as she may just irritate it more. Aloe Vera gel is very soothing and should help. Next time just make sure you cleanse really well prior and them after using something antibacterial and that will close the pores. I wouldn't worry too much as even though threading is much gentler on the skin than waxing, the pores are still being opened. Hope all works out.



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Im gona guess either it shes very sensitive, caucasian skin type, if shes irish im gona go for celtic skin type, purely where your based. I would say her reaction is very common and that it tends to go down using antihisamines, tea tree/aloe vera lotion. The result is longer than the average 2-4hours and tends to be ranging from a day to 3-4 days for her highly sensitive skin.

Another thing i would assume is the right type of thread being used, any common type of thread would be too sharp and create the little white bumps that can be commonly found when the skin reacts to defend itself...think stinging nettles. These do go down so try not to panic too much! xoxo

Had she used any product -eye product cleanser, inclding any form of acid etc, or had microdermabrasion etc , any new meds that may sensitise her...........

Thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to reply. I was startin to panic a bit, I feel much better now. I did think it looked like sensitive skin but when I asked her she said she could put anything on her face and shes never had a reaction so I think that put me off a bit. I need to listen to my gut from now on! She said she didn't put anything new on her skin or had any treatments or medication that would affect it but she was due her period so maybe that's why she was more sensitive. I was using vanity thread its the one my trainer recommended although ive seen some comments on here about it not being very good. Thanks again everyone I really appreciate it. x